Manual Mode

In manual mode you can adjust to suit personal preferences, control individual rooms or save energy by turning off rooms that aren’t in use.

Setpoint Mode 

Using optional Wireless Temperature Sensors that measure temperature in individual rooms, dampers adjust automatically, and airflow is redistributed to maintain the desired temperature in each room.

(Wired Temperature Sensors are also available for atypical installations)

Energy Efficient

Throughout the day, cooling requirements may change for individual rooms with some becoming hotter or cooler than others. The Platinum Elite senses this and adjusts airflow to maintain a consistent temperate, keeping you comfortable and saving you on energy bills by not overheating or overcooling rooms.

Using the tablet

The simple to use touch screen interface puts everything you need at your fingertips.

It’s easy to select a room and there you can see airflow percentage or set point temperature. You can then use the slider to adjust the airflow to each room or if you prefer, the Platinum Elite does the work for you. Simply set the desired room temperature and let it do the rest.

To let the Platinum Elite control your air conditioning system simply select the air conditioner and use the slider to adjust temperature or change modes and set fan speed.