To get the most out of your Platinum Elite system it is important to keep the tablet application up to date. When connected to the internet your Platinum Elite application will regularly check for software updates and provide an indication when they are available. Updates can be applied via the software version page available under application settings as follows;

First it’s always best to shutdown your system using the power icon on the home screen.

Tap the Settings icon to access application settings.

When a new version of software is available a red indicator dot will appear on the displayed software version.

Tap the software version number to show the software version details.

Tap the Update button to check for later versions and start the update process.

Tap “Update Now” to download the new software.

Depending on your internet connection the software download may take several minutes.

Once the download is complete, tap “Install” on the Android installation screen to start the installation.

Once installation is complete, tap “Open” to re-open the Platinum Elite application.

If desired, navigate back to the software versions screen to confirm you now have the latest version.

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