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Manual installation of Platinum Elite software components without documented advice from Air Diffusion Agencies or a recognised support specialist may void any warranty on your Platinum Elite system.

Platinum Elite Tablet

  • Internal Beta Release (1.6.4-b95)       [alternate link]
    • Additional fixes for cloud connection loss scenarios
  • Current Stable Release (1.6.1-b74)       [alternate link]
    • Add auto on/off timer
    • Improved detection and correction of damper motor and device connectivity faults
  • Superseded Release (1.5.1-b57)
    • Greatly improved app responsiveness after waking up
    • Fix fan speed selection for when some speeds unavailable
    • Fix AC temperature selection for some restricted temperature ranges
    • Fix enforcement of temperature set limits on individual zones/mode changes
  • Superseded Release (1.5.0-b51)
    • Improved damper error detection and correction to reported false positive errors
    • Add configurable installer AC temperature limits
    • Reveal tablet serial and firmware version information on system settings/version page
    • Minor bug fixes and stability improvements
  • Superseded Release (1.4.1-b45)
    • Fix handling of scheduled events using favourites that have been deleted
    • Application stability improvements
  • Superseded Release (1.4.0-b44)
    • New Event Scheduler allows automated turn off or turn on to last settings or a programmed favourite
    • Improved alert handling by moving non-critical system messages to a separate diagnostics log. Critical alerts returned to Home Screen.
    • Minor performance improvements
  • Superseded release (1.3.13-b39)
    • Increased tolerance for “No Internet” detection
    • Improved software update download performance
  • Superseded release (1.3.12-b38)
    • Adds software update progress bar and ability to cancel
    • Adds “Home Theatre Room”
    • Minor improvements to user interface
  • Superseded release (1.3.11-b34)
    • Improved internet connectivity
  • Factory version (1.3.10-b32)

Android Mobile App

iOS Mobile App

  • Released via TestFlight.

Tablet Firmware


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