Software Downloads

Manual installation of Platinum Elite software components without documented advice from Air Diffusion Agencies or a recognised support specialist may void any warranty on your Platinum Elite system.

Platinum Elite Tablet

  • Current Stable Release (1.6.4-b102)       [alternate link]
    • Additional fixes for cloud connection loss scenarios
  • Superseded Release (1.6.1-b74)       [alternate link]
    • Add auto on/off timer
    • Improved detection and correction of damper motor and device connectivity faults
  • Superseded Release (1.5.1-b57)
    • Greatly improved app responsiveness after waking up
    • Fix fan speed selection for when some speeds unavailable
    • Fix AC temperature selection for some restricted temperature ranges
    • Fix enforcement of temperature set limits on individual zones/mode changes
  • Superseded Release (1.5.0-b51)
    • Improved damper error detection and correction to reported false positive errors
    • Add configurable installer AC temperature limits
    • Reveal tablet serial and firmware version information on system settings/version page
    • Minor bug fixes and stability improvements
  • Superseded Release (1.4.1-b45)
    • Fix handling of scheduled events using favourites that have been deleted
    • Application stability improvements
  • Superseded Release (1.4.0-b44)
    • New Event Scheduler allows automated turn off or turn on to last settings or a programmed favourite
    • Improved alert handling by moving non-critical system messages to a separate diagnostics log. Critical alerts returned to Home Screen.
    • Minor performance improvements
  • Superseded release (1.3.13-b39)
    • Increased tolerance for “No Internet” detection
    • Improved software update download performance
  • Superseded release (1.3.12-b38)
    • Adds software update progress bar and ability to cancel
    • Adds “Home Theatre Room”
    • Minor improvements to user interface
  • Superseded release (1.3.11-b34)
    • Improved internet connectivity
  • Factory version (1.3.10-b32)

Android Mobile App

  • Current Stable Release (1.1.8-b313)
    • Connectivity, stability and responsiveness improvements
  • Superseded Release (1.1.5-b73)
    • Adds auto on/off timers
  • Superseded Release (1.1.4-b65)
    • Fix enforcement of temperature set limits on individual zones
    • Minor UI and layout consistency fixes
  • Superseded Release (1.1.2-b53)
    • Fix to control AC when AC is off but Platinum Elite system is “on”
    • Fix app crash when sensor faults present
    • Fix app crash when system offline
    • Minor bug fixes and stability improvements
  • Superseded Release (1.1.1-b38)
    • Fixes app compatibility with newer Android devices
  • Superseded release (1.1.0_b36)
    • Control multiple Platinum Elite systems from the same app
    • View and enable/disable scheduled events
  • Superseded release (1.0.7-b26)

iOS Mobile App

  • Released via TestFlight.

Tablet Firmware


  • PingTools (10MB)
  • Kiwi Browser (114MB) plus Internet Connection Monitor extension from the Chromewebstore
    1. Install and launch Kiwi Browser
    2. Tap three dots menu top-right and choose Extensions
    3. Toggle switch to enable “Developer Mode” (might already be done)
    4. In the Extensions URL bar enter to access the Chrome Web Store
    5. Search for Internet Connection Monitor
    6. Install the extension
    7. Open the extension from 3 dots menu, should be listed in there at the bottom
    8. Leave the Kiwi browser running to monitor disconnection events
    9. For detailed view see click on “Connection Logs”

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