This bulletin describes a workaround for a known problem pairing mobile devices to the Platinum Elite system that results in the user seeing a “No Internet” error on the Devices screen. This impacts home networks and ISPs (Internet Service Providers) providing dual IPv4 and IPv6 support.

Specifically this is known to impact Telstra NBN customers using the Sagemcom F@st 5355 Gateway (pictured below) with IPv6 LAN features enabled.

Sagemcom F@ST 5355 Gateway

The workaround involves disabling the use of IPv6 on the users home network . This should not adversely impact any other internet services on the users home network however consent to access and change these gateway settings should be obtained.


  1. When trying to view paired devices, or add a new device to the Platinum Elite system you see a “No Internet” error.
  2. In the tablets Android “Settings” > “About Tablet” , the section listing “IP Address” has more than two entries. The only two items here should be the IPv6 link-local address that starts with “fe80:” and a regular IPv4 address – four numbers separated with a “.”, such as “”, or “”.


Steps to disable IPv6 on the Telstra Sagemcom F@st 5355 Gateway

Using a web browser on a computer, phone or Platinum Elite tablet, connected to the Gateway admin console. The default address for this is

1. Sign in as the user “admin” with default password “admin

2. On the home screen, click on “Advanced

3. From the Advanced screen go to “Internet Settings

4. Choose the “Basic” and “IPv6” option and switch “IPv6 on LAN” to “Off

5. Restart the Router by going to “Home” > “Gateway Settings” > “Maintenance” menu and clicking “Restart

The restart will take several minutes.


Once the WiFi network is back up and the PE Tablet is connected to the internet again you can confirm that the symptoms listed above (particularly related to the listed IP addresses) have changed.

If the Android “Settings” > “About Tablet” > “IP Address” list now only contains two entries, but the Platinum Elite app still reports “No Internet” or can not pair with the cloud services the tablet will require a “Factory Reset”.


Air Diffusion Agencies strive to implement continuous product improvement, therefore specifications are subject to change without notice.