This technical bulletin describes how to manually download and install the latest Tablet software if the automatic update software operation is unable to occur. This can be caused by a problematic internet connection that causes the automatic update operation to stall.

Typically an automatic software download will show the screen below and update the software in a few minutes. If software has not downloaded within 10 minutes, it has probably stalled – it will be necessary to force close the app and try again. If after a second attempt, the same result occurs, a manual download and install may be more effective.

This screen on the latest software v1.3.12 (38) now contains a tracker bar to indicate download progress and an option to cancel.

1. Force close the stalled Platinum Elite App by pressing the ‘minimize’ icon…

…then swipe window sideways.

2. Restart Platinum Elite App.

3. When prompted to update the software, tap ‘No Thanks, I’ll do this later’.

4. Once Home Screen loads, tap on ‘Settings’ icon.

5. Tap on ‘Support’ tab.

6. Tap on ‘Support’ box to launch Platinum Elite Support in the Chrome web browser.

7. If this is the first time Chrome has been launched on the tablet there will be a couple of ‘Welcome to Chrome’ screens to navigate.

8. Platinum Elite Support page will launch on the Chrome web browser.

9. Tap on the text box in the browser.

10. Tap on the ‘Edit’ icon to edit the web address text,

11. Type in “downloads” after the address, then tap ‘Enter’ icon

12. This will access the ‘hidden’ downloads page. Tap on the ‘Current stable release’ link.

13. If this is the first time Chrome has been used on the tablet, there will be a couple of standard Chrome screens to navigate.

14. Accept prompt.

15. Tap ‘Open’.

16. If this is the first time Chrome has been used on the tablet, it will be necessary to change the Chrome settings to allow the tablet to install the App from here.

17. Switch on ‘Allow from this source’ slider.

18. Tap on ‘Back’ icon.

19. Tap on ‘Install’.

20. Accept prompt.

21. Tap ‘Open’.

22. The Platinum Elite App will then restart.

23. To check the software has been updated successfully, tap on the Settings icon on the Home Screen and check the Software version shown matches the ‘Current stable release’ that was just downloaded from the Support website.

Air Diffusion Agencies strive to implement continuous product improvement, therefore specifications are subject to change without notice.

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