This technical bulletin describes a fix for a known issue where the Phone App will not allow control of the AC unit – the AC control bar at the top of the App is inaccessible. The basic cause of this is the lack of a Duct Sensor in the system. The next Phone App update (v1.0.7) will fix this issue so that it will work normally without a Duct Sensor – this is a short term fix.

1. Install Duct Sensor by following Duct Sensor Installation Instructions below.

2. After Duct Sensor is installed, tap Settings.

3. Tap Settings icon.

4. Type in Installer Pin.

5. Tap ‘Recheck’. NOTE: Ensure no Zones are in fault when a ‘Recheck’ is activated as these Zones will be removed from the system.

6. System will perform ‘Recheck’ function and identify Duct Sensor is now plugged in.

7. Once the ‘Recheck’ is complete you will be returned to the Zone Setup Tap ‘Configure AC’.

8. Tap ‘Save’.

9. You will be returned to the Home Screen and the Phone App will refresh so that the AC controls are now.


Air Diffusion Agencies strive to implement continuous product improvement, therefore specifications are subject to change without notice.

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