This bulletin describes the new Temperature Limits feature added to tablet software version 1.5.0(51) 

This feature would typically be useful for light commercial applications but could also be useful for economy-minded users in domestic applications.  Users can now utilise the Platinum Elite system to set upper and lower limits for Cool, Heat & Auto modes, which prevent the end user from setting the AC (and therefore the zones) higher or lower than these limits.  This is set by the installer during commissioning and is very simple to do. 

Because this feature is part of a software update, it will not initially be available when the system is first setup, so the installer will need to go back into the AC Setup to configure, after the software has been updated.  The AC Setup is accessed from the System screen and the 4-digit installer code will be required. 


The UI of the AC Setup screen is now slightly different to accommodate this new feature – continue to the next screen. 


Select the AC mode that is to be temperature limited. 


Use the +/- buttons to set the desired limits, then Save and repeat the process for the other AC modes.  Save to exit the AC Setup and return to the Home screen. 


Now when viewing the AC Control screen, the end user will see the upper and lower limits for each mode on the temperature setpoint slider.  Zone screens in Setpoint mode will also show these limits. 


Air Diffusion Agencies strive to implement continuous product improvement, therefore specifications are subject to change without notice.