This bulletin describes improvements to Damper Motor Fault correction, added to tablet software version 1.5.0(51) 

The Ezy Damper Zone Motors have typically been very reliable over the years however recently it has been observed that there is an increase in ‘Damper Motor Faults’ presenting on the Platinum Elite system.  

This typically intermittent fault is exhibited due to increased resistance across the internal microswitch contacts inside the motor – the motor doesn’t activate quickly enough, and this produces the fault displayed on the tablet. 

The software update 1.5.0(51) now has an automatic ‘retry’ function that occurs in the background – the system will keep trying to move the motor, which typically will overcome the issue and get the motor moving again.  The log for this can be found on the System Log page. 


Genuine faults will still show to the end user and in this case, it may be necessary to check the Damper Blade is not impeded or replace the Damper Motor. 

NOTE: It has also been observed that as a last resort (or at least to temporarily resolve the issue until a suspect motor can be replaced), depowering and re-powering the Platinum Elite system (ie. using the power point switch the Zone System is connected to) can ‘jump-start’ the Damper Motor and clear the fault. 

An improved design of the Damper Motor is being prioritized so this intermittent issue is resolved completely. 

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