This bulletin describes how to do an Advanced Installation of a Platinum Elite system with a Fujitsu Gateway to allow for an external reference temperature from either the Tablet or a Temperature Sensor (Wireless or Wired).

After the AC has been successfully commissioned using the Fujitsu Wall Controller (UTY-RVNYN), use the Fujitsu Wall Controller to set the AC to reference a remote controller for temperature sensing.  Refer Fujitsu Wall Controller Installation Manual for more details but in summary, go to Service Function Setting, find Function 42 and set value to 01, then set Function 48 to 01 to enable reference to the external sensor only.

If the installation will not have the Fujitsu Wall Controller connected, with power to complete system off, ensure Gateway dip-switch settings are as shown.  SW1-1 sets Platinum Elite as the Master.  Otherwise leave dip-switch settings in the default position.

Turn power back on. During the AC Setup process, change the default ‘Reference Temp’ setting from AC to Tablet or one of the external Temperature Sensors as described below, then continue to follow the normal setup procedure.

If the Tablet is being used as the reference temperature for the AC system and is unable to be mounted in the optimum position, to ensure the best performance of the system it may be necessary to set a temperature offset on the temperature registered by the Tablet.  This can be accessed from the ‘Reference Temp’ tab on the AC Setup screen.

  1. On AC Setup screen, tap default ‘AC’.

  1. This will bring up Temperature Reference screen.

  1. Tap on ‘Tablet’ (or other external Temperature Sensor if desired).

  1. Tap on ‘Save’.

  1. Reference Temp should now display chosen reference.

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