This technical bulletin describes a work around for a known issue where the Tablet becomes stuck on a ‘Checking damper controls’ cycle. This is typically caused by introducing a brand new RMC04/MA01 module to an existing setup, but has been observed in other circumstances when mixing and matching used and unused componentry.

NOTE: This will cause Zone name and Favourites settings to be lost – these settings will need to be reconfigured once the work around has been implemented.

1. Minimize Platinum Elite App.

2. Hold down PE app icon until ‘App info’ appears.

3. Tap ‘App info’

4. Tap ‘Storage’.

5. Tap ‘Clear Cache’.

6. Tap ‘Clear Storage’.

7. Accept pop-up warning.

8. Minimize Storage settings screen.

9. Tap PE icon to relaunch App.

10. App will restart correctly allowing the setup process to occur.

Air Diffusion Agencies strive to implement continuous product improvement, therefore specifications are subject to change without notice.

Download – Technical_Bulletin 1.0