Year round comfort, every room, all seasons

Feel totally in control, no matter the season

Enjoy year round comfort with the power to adjust airflow to every room, up to 15 personalised settings and maximum energy efficiency. Experience the comfort of reliability and quality with components designed and tested in Australia. Enjoy year round comfort with the Platinum Elite.


New 8” Wi-Fi touch screen

The Platinum Elite intuitive touch screen makes setup and use simple. The slim and elegant design will fit in seamlessly in any home and it never needs recharging. Plus it gives you access to all your other favourite apps.

Personalised settings

To keep everyone in the family happy you can program up to 15 personalised ‘Favourite’ settings, with customised room names and colours. Use standard room names like “Living Room” or create your own, like “Jack’s Room”.

Optimise performance

The Platinum Elite is so clever it can control the air flow to individual rooms to ensure your air conditioner is always running efficiently and economically.


The Platinum Elite is smarter than your average air conditioner controller; it uses complex algorithms to adjust and maintain set temperatures for each room meaning you’re never too hot and never too cold.

Environmentally friendly

Maintaining optimum comfort levels in the rooms you are using and turning off rooms that you aren’t reduces the load on your air conditioner.  Saving energy saves you money but it’s also great for the environment.


Rest assured the Platinum Elite is tested and approved for the rigorous demands of
RCM compliance.

Designed in Australia

You can have the confidence of quality knowing the Platinum Elite system and zone components are designed and tested in Australia and can handle the tough Australian conditions with ease.

Compatible with major brands

The Platinum Elite gets along with everyone; it’s compatible with all major brands like Samsung, Daikin, Fujitsu, Panasonic, Toshiba, Mitsubishi Electric and Mitsubishi Heavy Industries air conditioners using a suitable Platinum Elite Gateway.

Wireless temperature sensors

If you want the ultimate in control and comfort then add in optional wireless temperature sensors in each room to provide continuous feedback maintain optimal temperate levels. Thanks to wireless technology these are easy to install with no messy sensor cables.

Platinum Elite App 

Control your Platinum Elite system using the convenience of your smart phone.  

Platinum Elite Zone Control System

The home screen gives you a snapshot of each room status and the air conditioner setting.